Successful retirement requires planning – it is absolutely essential. For new retirees, it’s all about cash flow. Greater individual responsibility to provide your own finances during retirement has created a new need for more complex planning and professional advice. You must prepare well for this experience for it to be beneficial, enjoyable, and life-giving to you.

One of the major accomplishments of the 20th Century is that 30 years were added to the life expectancy in the U.S. Many of the traditional techniques of retirement planning are no longer appropriate to today’s aspiring retirees. Instead, Dynamic Withdrawal Solutions – the process of the intelligent sequencing of withdrawals from assets with different tax parameters or consequences – can help in preserving your wealth. Longer years in retirement will also be combined with new opportunities such as second careers, volunteer roles, and continuing education.

We use our process to help you define your life goals so you can formulate financial plans and decisions that point to those goals. This creates a unique relationship that relies on mutual understanding, collaboration, trust and counsel over many years. Your retirement focus can then be shifted to health and leisure, since you have integrated proper income and wealth preservation solutions.


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