Aging creates multiple dimensions in one’s finances.

Today’s Senior Retirees were children of the Great Depression and the decade that followed. You were born during the 1930’s when the song “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” was on the hit parade. Women also greatly outnumber men in this senior cohort, and the disparity increases with age. You are an extraordinary group and you impress me with your depth, capability, humor, generosity and vitality. I am struck most by how comfortable you are in your own skin. You accept yourself as you are.

Our senior retiree clients all share three main concerns: independence, a sense of security, and a sense of control. Financial decisions often shift to maintaining or improving your lifestyles. The image of you living out your life in a nursing home is a thing of the past! Today, families and home-health care provide the vast majority of the informal care received by our seniors. Our oldest client is currently 101.

To help navigate financial decisions during this stage of life, our goal is to provide tools – facts, resources, and experience – helping our clients and their families chart the right path for them. We partner with other senior experts such as Assisted Living Directors and Elder Law Attorneys to assist our families with the process of aging. We believe, with proper planning, you can look forward to a smooth transition that frees you to enjoy family and leisure.


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