Guiding Norton Healthcare Executives and Physicians Through Critical Choices to Transition into and Thrive in Retirement

As an executive, physician, or long-time employee at Norton Healthcare, you may be approaching retirement.

You may be looking for an experienced advisor to guide you through its compensation and benefit programs. You would like to know how much you need to retire and how to design a plan to get there.

Time is your most precious resource. Your family and work limit the time you can devote to generating a strategy for your future in retirement.

Understanding Your Issues

Two members of our team, Brent Carlton and Tim Campisano, have worked closely with Norton Executives, non-executives, and physicians over the last 15 years. You can call on our more than 30 years of collective experience to successfully navigate the many critical choices you face in retirement planning.

We can help to educate you about Norton’s:

  • 457 deferred-compensation plans,
  • 403(b) plans,
  • pension programs,
  • company-sponsored insurance,
  • retirement healthcare options,
  • and more.

Discover how the Louisville Capital Advisors Planning Process can help you successfully transition into and thrive in retirement here »

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