Christopher Campbell

Founding Partner, LWG
Financial Advisor, RJFS specializing in Business Development

Chris grew up in Buffalo, New York, where he met his wife and high school sweetheart, Jen. Although currently immersed in the fast-paced life of Los Angeles, Chris and Jen love traveling back east to visit with family and friends. Besides being round-the-clock parents to their daughter Lily, the pair remain avid golfers and tennis players, who enjoy taking their golden retriever, Portland, out for hikes. As well, Chris and Jen are also actively involved in the L.A. community, as they devote their time to institutions/organizations like the AdoptTogether Foundation and Saddleback Church.

Prior to his partnership with Lumen Wealth Group, Chris gained his broad-based financial services from his time at Waddell & Reed, Inc. and UBS Financial. It was his involvement with high net worth clients and institutions at these companies that nurtured his approach to wealth management and holistic financial planning.

Chris received his BSBA degree in Finance from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. However, disregarding his education in finance, one might argue that it was his time playing college baseball that truly taught him the skills needed to be a financial advisor. It was on the field that he learned the importance of communication and teamwork – all of which fostered his strong work ethic and ability to build close relationships.

As Founding Partner and CEO, Chris’s day-to-day role includes working directly with clients on all investment and financial planning strategies. However, he knows to rely not just on his own capabilities, but the capabilities of his team and crucial years of investment experience to help his clients navigate these challenging markets. Chris is committed to establishing relationships that are built on a foundation of comprehensive financial planning. As a member of the Dave Ramsey SmartVester Program, Chris is dedicated to remaining true to his clients and doing right by them. He views everyday as a new opportunity to enhance himself, his team, and those around him.

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