Martha Turner

MainStay Advisors
Private Wealth Advisor, Raymond James Financial Services

Have you ever felt life pushing you in directions for which you were not necessarily prepared? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the ups and downs of the financial markets? The one constant in the world we live in today, is uncertainty. Where do you find the guidance to plan for tomorrow?

Martha’s clients tell her that her strength is teaching, finding a way to make the hard to understand more understandable. She will take the time to get to know you, and value both your intelligence and your time.

Martha started as a teacher and transitioned into retail management while raising five children. She also cared for both of her parents during their final years. For all the help she received in those years, she now pays her personal and industry knowledge to others.

Whether her clients need income or legacy planning, or concerns stem from taxes or volatility, she has the years of experience and knowledge to execute the right strategies.

Comprehensive Strategies

Investment Income Planning
Guaranteed Income
Legacy Planning
Multigenerational Goal Setting

Core Strategies

Goal Planning & Monitoring
Retirement Planning
Integrated Risk Tolerance
Asset Allocation Direction
Customized Investment Implementation
Plan Success Probability & Optimization

Investment Portfolio Evaluations
Performance Assessment
Contribution & Withdrawal Tracking
Risk vs. Reward Charting
Tax Projections
Fee & Cost Disclosures

Financial Organization:
Written Meeting Summaries
External Account Aggregation
Personal Financial Organizer
Digital Organizer / Online Vault
Mobile Device Applications