Susanna Wohlford

Private Wealth Advisor, Raymond James Financial Services

Susanna demonstrates tremendous dedication to the service of her clients’ financial needs. She develops investment plans for her clients that are based on personal goals and objectives. MainStay Advisors utilizes the services of other legal and tax professionals to ensure that effective plans are developed for clients. Susanna’s expertise helps clients achieve their growth, asset preservation, and estate planning goals. The investment strategies she develops help people to retire, offer current retiree’s confidence, and promote tax-efficiency for those who are working toward retirement.

Tailored Investing: One-size-fits-all investment models do not optimize performance results. Susanna creates individualized portfolios by screening investments with a strong history of performance, low statistical risk, and low-cost. This removes layers of bias, creates tax efficiencies, and helps mitigate underperformance and volatility challenges.

Meaningful Communication: Susanna contacts clients with a purpose. She has developed systematized procedures, so clients receive timely information focused only on their specific interests and needs.

Transparency: Fees and costs are routinely presented as a part of investment portfolio evaluations.

1333 W 120th Ave Suite 122, Westminster, CO 80234

Core Solutions

Goal Planning & Monitoring
Detailed Retirement Plan
Risk Tolerance Assessment
Asset Allocation Guidance
Customized Investment Strategies
Probability of Plan’s Success

Progress Reviews
Portfolio Performance Analysis
Contributions & Withdrawals Review
Risk vs. Reward Analysis
Capital Gain / Dividend Projections
Fee / Cost Disclosures

Financial Organizing
Meeting Recaps with Next Actions
Account Aggregation of External Assets
Personal Financial Organizer
Digital Document Organizer / Online Vault

Branch Core Solutions

Investment Portfolio Evaluations

Tax Efficient Investing Strategies

Education Planning

Catastrophic Risk Planning

Long-Term Care Planning

Collaboration w/ Legal & Tax Professionals
Estate Planning & Implementation
Family Gifting & Wealth Transfer
Charitable Gifting & Legacy Planning
Family Financial Meetings