Years ago, many of my friends used to joke, “What do you do, manage ’little old ladies’ money?” They all thought it was strange when I answered ”Yes, they aren’t all little, nor are they old, but that is what I do.” In my title, I included the word “widow” yet, through poetic license, I intended a looser definition. To help more of you, I included guidance for both women who unfortunately have lost their spouses (“traditional widows”), and women concerned about managing their financial affairs in case they survive their spouses (“could be widows”).

This book will:

  • Inform you, the reader, of what to expect, and what you’ll have to do if, and when, a beloved spouse predeceases you
  • Educate you on what you will need to accomplish, so you have the confidence to manage your future financial affairs
  • Help you learn from others’ mistakes, so you don’t make them yourself
  • Help you understand why planning is so important, and to appreciate how proper planning can help prevent future problems
  • Show you how to simplify your financial affairs, and offer this book as a reference tool so you can do so

•Illustrate how you can make your decision-making less emotional. Paul L. Marrella is a Financial Advisor with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC located at 1250 Broadcasting Rd., Suite 102; Wyomissing, PA 19610.


You've poured everything into your business, struggling through good times and bad to build something you're proud of. Of course, you want your investments of time and money to benefit you and your family in the long term—which is why you need to create a strong wealth management plan.

Paul Marrella, small business owner and wealth consultant for nearly thirty years, knows how financial decisions today can affect your multigenerational wealth. In Mind Your Own Business, Paul discusses key philosophies of wealth management, well beyond investing. You will build your own financial foundation by identifying and prioritizing your needs and goals. From understanding your unique circumstances to identifying major obstacles, you will have a unique appreciation of your hard-earned wealth. This perspective inspires the discipline necessary to manage wealth over a lifetime, not just years.


You’re thinking about your financial future and wondering how much you’ll need to save to retire comfortably. But the real question you should be asking yourself is, "What is my income going to be and where is it going to come from after I retire?" The ballgame isn’t over when you decide to stop working. You need to keep playing. Sam Marrella, a wealth manager with more than three decades of experience, can help you devise a powerful offensive strategy for your retirement years that focuses on creating a continuous stream of income. His financial game plan helps you achieve a "triple-double" and overcome the three great risks of retirement:

-Bad timing—retiring before you’re ready or right before a downturn in the markets

-Inflation—having your money lose purchasing power over time

-Longevity—living longer than you expected or longer than you can afford

Chances are your pension, Social Security, and 401(k)s as they stand may not be enough for the long game. You need your nest egg to work harder in the last quarter so you can maintain your desired lifestyle. It’s time to put Your Retirement Game Plan into action to help provide a lifetime of inflation-adjusted income...and win!