Leland Werner

Financial Advisor

Lee’s early memories include things like rooting for Disney’s stock to rise (because his shareholder parents promised to book a trip with their earnings), or depositing a portion of each week’s allowance into his “Bank of Dad” savings account because “the bank” had generously offered him a 3% interest rate. Little did he know that years later he would co-found Turning Point Wealth Management with his mother Marsha, together helping people financially so they can reach their goals, afford their to chase their passions, and retire without sacrificing their standard of living.

As a young adult Lee pursued several passions. He played hockey through high school, and still enjoys playing in a local men’s league. He took music a little more seriously, studying vocal performance at the University of Illinois before changing course to study business. He even followed his racing dream, competing in the Sports Car Club of America’s Spec Miata series.

This love of cars led to his first career in the auto-industry, where he gained almost a decade of experience in managing relationships. Specializing in helping small and medium sized businesses manage their fleets, Lee developed his common sense approach to problem solving, and learned first-hand how rewarding it is to take a personal interest in his clients.

Now as a WEALTH MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTTM Lee’s method is to focus first on people, and then match them with the right strategies. By joining forces with Marsha, the mother/son team span generational and gender borders to understand people and families from a perspective that is often lacking in the financial industry. Using that unique perspective as their map, Lee and Marsha guide clients through life’s craziness toward the financial turning points they strive for.

When he’s not at the office, the rink, or the track, Lee spends what little time is left over relaxing with his dog at his Fox River Grove home.