Our clients often come to us at turning points in their lives. We spend hours talking about peoples’ needs, wishes, and goals before we ever talk about their portfolios. If I don’t learn what “keeps you up at night” I have not asked enough probing questions.

Below are examples of client’s situations.

A man lost his father after having lost his mother three years ago. His parents had more wealth than he had imagined. He wanted to tell his story and find a trusted advisor. His parents’ corporate trustee never asked what the client needed; the trustee only wanted to work with the client as he had done with his parents.

A woman lost her husband of 38 years. She paid the bills, but handling the investments was her husband’s responsibility. She wants to learn how to manage her portfolio, and to be sure she can live the rest of her life in the manner to which she has become accustomed.

Couples come to us with their complex situations involving retirement. Our clients are not asking if they can retire, they are asking how, when, and what strategy will provide them with the retirement they envision.

We offer a subscription service. Think of it as Netflix for your financial needs. The subscription starts with an initial consultation fee then a monthly charge with a one-year commitment. It works wonders for our clients that need unbiased education and advice.

Look for more detail to come under this tab in the near future.