Building wealth for generations

Three generations of Marty’s family have been helping people within our community reach greater financial security for more than 50 years. When you come to the Marty Smith Financial Team of Raymond James & Associates for financial advice, we treat you like family. After all, in many ways, you are. We live in the same neighborhoods, our children go to the same schools, we worship in the same churches and we support our community in many of the same ways.

That’s why helping you plan your financial future is a task we take very personally.

When we offer advice, we think in terms of generations, and find the right strategies for each. For children and young adults, our goal is typically to help them achieve objectives such as saving for college, buying a first home or launching a business. When we work with older adults, we focus on the ongoing need for income stability and the importance of maintaining a lifestyle that enables everyone in the family to feel comfortable.  

We bring the financial strength and flexibility of Raymond James to the table, and add to those attributes our deep respect and knowledge of this community and the many families within it. Advising you and yours has been, is, and always will be our family tradition.