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Planning brighter futures

Our process is careful and deliberate, and extremely thorough. We work with you to customize a plan that’s specifically developed just for you and your family.

Getting to Know You
Through resources like questionnaires and interviews, we get to the heart of your personal goals, current financial situation, investment experiences and comfort with risk. In this step, we explain our capabilities and provide educational support so you understand the opportunities before you.

Shaping Our Advice
Now that we know you better, we can create a strategy tailored to you and your family. This step may involve collaboration with other specialists and trusted advisors. Then we get together to go over our recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

Putting a Plan into Action
This is where we make all of our mutual thinking and planning a reality, utilizing the vast resources available through Raymond James. We select the appropriate account types, investment products and additional services needed, and complete all the paperwork necessary to implement your own personal plan. 

Managing Your Plan
We monitor your plan to make sure we’re meeting your originally intended goals and make adjustments as needed. As with any good relationship, communication is the key. We stay in close contact so you can share milestones or changes happening in your life with us, and we can share opportunities arising in the market with you. You receive monthly paper or electronic statements from us, frequent phone calls to keep in touch, and periodic face-to-face reviews of your account to make sure we’re on track. This ongoing flow of information is the basis of a properly managed financial plan, so you can expect to see and hear from us often throughout the years to come.