We measure success by how well we help to preserve and manage your retirement nest egg with the least amount of risk possible. At the same time we work together with you over many years to create and carry out a comprehensive, personalized retirement asset management plan designed to support you in accomplishing your retirement goals and maintaining your independence. 

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Nurturing wealth so you can live a longer, better life.

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Leave a Legacy

Pass along both your wealth and your wisdom.

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A pragmatic approach to wealth management.

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Women Investors

Understanding the challenges women face and how to help.

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The MBRAM Team

Jeff McDonald and Ned Barry have a combined 40-plus years’ experience as financial planners and investment advisor representatives. Gloria and Marie have a combined 50-plus years’ experience as a Senior Client Service Associate and Senior Registered Client Service Associate II respectively.

Jeff and Ned lead the McDonald and Barry Retiree Asset Management (MBRAM) team that specializes in asset management for retirees. Jeff and Ned chose Raymond James based on their belief that it is the best platform from which to serve retirees.

Jeff and Ned offer retirees intelligent investment planning based on sound research, intellect and hard work. This time-tested approach amplifies the principles upon which Raymond James was founded – putting clients first and providing the highest level of service with integrity. Jeff’s and Ned’s experience is complemented by the vast resources of Raymond James which puts state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive range of financial resources at their fingertips. Raymond James’ independent, client first philosophy enables Jeff and Ned to offer you truly unbiased, targeted investment advice.

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