Jeff and Ned lead the McDonald & Barry Retiree Asset Management (MBRAM) team that specializes in helping retirees create and carryout financial plans designed to help them achieve their retirement goals. Our affiliation with Raymond James provides us with access to the comprehensive resources we need to meet the diverse needs of our retiree clients.

First Half of Retirement

During the First Half of Retirement - when you want to live well and enjoy life, we work together with you to:

  • Strive to Preserve and Build Your Retirement Nest Egg
  • Help Create Your Lifetime Retirement Income Stream
  • Help Identify a Funding Source for Emergencies
  • Invest to Help Fund Your Most Important Goals
  • Help You Decide How You Will Pay for Long-Term Care
  • Borrow When It Makes Financial Sense to do so
  • Explore Possible New Uses for Existing Life Insurance
  • Act as Advisor for the Trustee of Your Living Trust to Implement Your Investment Plan
  • Involve Your Spouse and Adult Children in Planning to Help Maintain Your Independence
  • Leave a Legacy to Your Children, Grandchildren, and Your Favorite Social Organizations

Second Half of Retirement

During the second half of Retirement - when you want to remain as active and independent as possible but can no longer “do it all” yourself, we work with you to help:

  • Identify and Communicate Your Wishes to Your Primary Surrogate
  • Recruit a Team of Qualified, Often Professional, Care givers
  • Decide Where You Are Going to Live
  • Determine How You Are Going to Get About
  • Plan on Who You Are Going to Socialize With
  • Spend Time on What Matters
  • Update Your Existing Retirement Plan for the First Half of Retirement

Recognizing that the Second half of Retirement is different, our goal is to help you design a plan and identify the team of “helpers” that allow you to live a fulfilling life throughout retirement.