Guidance for aviation and MRO professionals

Before becoming a financial planner, Will Stone worked in the aviation industry for seven years as a propulsion engineer at Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, so in addition to knowing financial planning, he understands the specific financial matters that impact an individual in this line of work – from benefit and buyout analysis to transition plans to cash flow management.

Since the aviation industry is cyclical, and easily impacted by the economic environment and fuel price fluctuations, aviation professionals have gone through multiple rounds of layoffs or have otherwise left their airline company positions and are now working for third-party repair groups. These situations can have financial ramifications on pensions and benefits that our team is well-versed in addressing.

But while our aviation clients may work in the same industry, we also know that each individual has their own goals, needs, and financial situation. The entire team at McMullin, Stone & Associates works together to customize a financial plan designed to pursue each client’s goals, from putting their kids through college and saving for retirement, to preserving their wealth and building a legacy.