A personalized

approach to financial planning.

It feels good to know that our clients consider us family, but that isn't just happenstance. At Meinrod & Leeper Wealth Management, we have thoughtfully organized our team to help affluent individuals and families reach their financial goals in a highly personalized way.

Because we believe true value is ultimately defined by meeting and exceeding client expectations, our client focus is grounded in effective communication, understanding and trust. Client service is the foundation that helps us live our philosophy, and we strive to build rapport and trust by customizing each client's experience.

Our client service is exemplified by:

  • New client welcome kits with a thoughtful gift, as well as an introduction to our red carpet experience and our commitment to each client's financial success.
  • Online access to accounts and our team of professionals, to help clients maintain control and confidence.
  • Proactive calls and meetings to answer questions, and identify potential life changes that may impact our overall strategy.
  • Client meetings for portfolio updates, strategy discussions and to leverage education to empower our clients.
  • Educational events to share research and changes in the market, as well as new financial solutions to keep clients knowledgeable and involved in the retirement planning process.
  • Client appreciation and social events to bring all of us together in a relaxing and entertaining atmosphere to share time and get to know each other better. We believe that our client relationships are more than just business – we are part of our clients' lives and they share ours as well.
  • A dynamic, licensed support team who is actively involved and understands the needs of our clients. We believe any organization is only as strong as its team.
  • To us, nothing is more important than helping our clients confidently live their lives, and helping their money meet the needs of today, tomorrow and well into the future. There is no value you can place on knowing that your investments and retirement are managed by professionals you respect and trust who are looking out for you as if you were their own family.
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“Caring for our clients is the basis for our meaningful relationships, and we are often told that they feel like family.”

— Meinrod & Leeper Wealth Management —

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