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focus comes first.

Financial planning is a lifetime process. To begin and sustain lifelong client relationships, we believe you must be at the center of our practice. We base this philosophy on three fundamental principles: understanding your unique personal goals and objectives, emphasizing communication and sharing our knowledge, and developing trust by effectively meeting your needs.

Our team has a rich history of valuing communication with our clients that builds a strong trust between us. In that regard, we establish a customized financial strategy and treat every client with the personal attention they deserve. By focusing on you and your needs, we are able to employ a comprehensive solution aligned with your life, not a cookie-cutter solution.

Whether through scheduled strategic meetings or social events, regular and effective communication is essential to help identify life changes. Maintaining an open, two-way dialogue helps ensure we proactively make any adjustments to your short-term and long-term financial goals. Our clients have entrusted their life savings to us. Spending time getting to know our clients shows we care, and helps form the foundation of trust to foster our relationship throughout each stage of their lives.

We constantly look for opportunities to enhance our client relationships and level of trust.

  • Addressing times of transition in our clients' lives such as preparing for retirement, changing jobs or starting a new career, getting married or working through the financial concerns of a divorce, helping with the death of a loved one or starting a family.
  • Mitigating fear many have about their life savings and retirement.
  • Providing confidence by keeping clients informed and working to help ensure they have a secure income they can count on.
  • Educating and sharing market trends, economic changes, new investment opportunities and additional information that may impact our clients' lives to help them better understand their goals and financial future.
  • Leading a team approach to wealth management, working with our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals to develop a formal, written financial plan that is action oriented, comprehensive and evolves as needed.
  • Communicating our systematic, disciplined tactical process to help ensure our clients have a well-managed portfolio.
  • Creating reassurance by looking beyond just investing in order to establish effective tax mitigation strategies and work closely with tax professionals.
  • Understanding that our principals have expertise with IRA distribution and will guide you every step of the way.
  • Helping eliminate the cost of emotional and behavioral mistakes that people can make regarding their investments with consistent communication, education and updates.
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“We have a rich history of establishing trust because we communicate, establish an effective personal financial strategy and treat every client with the personal attention they deserve.”

— Meinrod & Leeper Wealth Management —

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