Malcolm Jarrell bio headshot
Malcolm Jarrell Operations Analyst

“I strive to add value for our clients by ensuring that all of the information we have on file for them is updated and accurate, and that the processes we have in place are as quick, painless and convenient as possible so that account opening, closing and transfers are time-friendly. This allows us to be more cordial and keep the focus on the client during their visits.”

Prior to joining Raymond James in 2020, Malcolm was with Carson Wealth and, previous to that, worked for the University of North Texas, Home Depot and Elliot Electric Supply – all of which granted him the experience of working with a team of 20-plus people, managing a crew of 10 or more associates at any given time, bookkeeping, accounting*, time management, and how to help work with others’ strengths.

Malcolm served as a substitute teacher at his local high school and junior high, as well as taught summer school algebra, in 2018. He learned that anyone can learn anything, and teach anything, through necessity and will.

He graduated from the University of North Texas with a BBA in economics in 2018.

Malcolm loves playing music with his family, and each member has their instruments of choice. He prefers piano and drums; his sons, Isaac and Matthew, play piano and drums (yes, both of them); and his daughter, Kaatje, has picked up the ukulele and dabbles in piano, but her strong point is singing. Malcolm’s wife, Krista, is a classically trained vocalist who loves singing along with the kids and teaching them new genres.

Malcolm and his family also enjoy camping, working out together, cooking and having long discussions at the dinner table.

*Raymond James and its advisors do not offer tax advice. You should discuss any tax matters with the appropriate professional.