Granny’s are the backbone to our success. Granny has the best hugs. She has intriguing history lessons; quite the wise storyteller! She never gives up. Granny always lends a helping hand. And we can’t forget she has the best snacks!

Granny’s house is always so inviting. It is full of happy and vivid memories of sights, sounds, and smells that we constantly revisit. Of course, there are also those few items that, every time we see, they immediately remind us of Granny-whether it’s the fancy china dishes, a slice of pecan pie, or certain fabrics, they’re ingrained with meaning because they are attached to the memories of our Grandmothers.

Just like Granny, our family, Michael Stewart & Associates, are here to LISTEN to you, EDUCATE you, and watch you FLOURISH. We are here to laugh, cry, and smile with you. We are here to help educate you on how to assist in achieving your dreams and aspirations. We are here to push you and hold you accountable to achieve your dreams. Like Granny we are here to accompany your life journeys.  Just like Grandma’s our greatest joy comes from watching you potentially reach your dreams of owning a second home, retiring early, paying for your children’s college, purchasing your dream car, or traveling the world.

Becoming part of our family we will use the Granny Process to help you create those life changing possibilities. We LISTEN to your needs, goals, and dreams. We EDUCATE you on the investment tools and opportunities to utilize to reach your dreams and goals. We watch you FLOURISH as these dreams and goals are achieved.  We believe financial self-sufficiency can be achieve by creating life changing possibilities-Together we make more possible.


Any opinions are those of Michael Stewart & Associates and not necessarily those of Raymond James.