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Take Control of Your Retirement

If you have changed jobs, consider rolling over your old employer based retirement plan to your self-directed IRA. There are three advantages to doing a rollover. First of all, by doing so you significantly expand your investment options. You are no longer restricted to the choices in your old employer's retirement plan. Secondly, once you have rolled your old plan into an IRA, you now may consider converting part or all of the IRA to a Roth IRA. We can help you analyze the pros and cons of doing so. Finally, consolidating your old employer plan assets with your other investment account makes it possible for us to actively manage the entire portfolio according to your goals and objectives. There are additional considerations for those who wish to access a portion of these funds immediately that can be discussed on a case by case basis.

The Millstone Evans Group understands the fundamental desire to savor the financial fruits we've worked so diligently to nurture throughout our lives. We also know that in today’s world “retirement” means different things to different people. Some wish to stop working altogether. Others wish to shift their focus to work that has more personal meaning.

The Costs of Medicare

Medicare Part A is financed almost entirely by payroll taxes.

Medicare Part B has a premium paid for by the participant. The average premium is approximately $104.90 per month, but varies by your income bracket. You can find which bracket you fall into on this website (link to the table on medicare.gov). This premium covers 25% of Part B costs; the remaining 75% is funded by tax revenue.

Medicare Part D also has a premium and co-pays paid by the dependent. There are a selection of different Part D plans to choose from, and the costs vary by the type of medication needed, where you live, and your income. Search for plans available to you on this website (link to the search feature on medicare.gov). Those premiums and co-pays cover 25% of Part D costs; the remaining 75% is funded by tax revenue.

Medigap insurance are offered through private insurance and the plans vary by the coverage you want.

To help accomplish either of these goals and many more, we offer a comprehensive range of retirement planning services. Our team develops retirement plans designed to help you achieve the lifestyle you desire and maintain it during your retirement years.

We begin by analyzing your current situation, including your current spending, and forecasting how that may change in your retirement years in order to develop a clear picture of your projected living expenses. Then, we analyze current and future likely income streams. From there, we work with you to analyze your savings, determine whether it needs to increase and assess where that increase might come from. We also work to ensure you are using the most effective vehicles to enhance your savings. Finally, we will analyze your investment portfolio to ensure it is structured properly. Volatility in a portfolio that may be appropriate during the savings and accumulation years may not be appropriate in pre-retirement and retirement years when you are making regular withdrawals. This stage of life calls for a shift in investment strategy. We call this “distribution planning.”

Another factor to keep in mind, women may face some additional challenges in their retirements and we specialize in working through those with you. Visit Support for Women Investors for more insights.

Social Security benefits can be more useful at retirement if you know the facts. The U.S .Social Security Administration has recently released information about the strategy of starting and suspending retirement benefit payments.

For more information, or to schedule a confidential, no-cost, no-obligation meeting, contact us today.

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