Your financial needs and issues evolve and change over time. What doesn't alter, however, is our ability to address these needs with a complete range of services – to help with everything from accumulating wealth to planning for retirement to preserving your assets while retired.

Asset Management

As a registered investment advisory firm, we will develop an investment plan and asset management strategy. Here are the primary stages of our investment evaluation:

  • Assess your risk tolerance
  • Identify your investment style
  • Create your asset class allocation model
  • Design and implement your portfolio
  • Monitor performance
  • Report your investment results quarterly
  • Review your portfolio and risk annually or as needed

Integrated Financial Planning

By developing a written, integrated financial plan, we can help you achieve many key objectives:

  • Consolidation of your financial information
  • Identification of your financial goals
  • Focus on key areas of interest such as taxation
  • Lifestyle/life event accommodation
  • Wealth preservation
  • Financial independence

Project-Specific Financial Planning

Although each of us can benefit from a comprehensive financial plan, we recognize that you may require assistance in only one or a few financial areas. We would be pleased to provide our counseling service, concentrating in any of these focus areas on an as-needed basis:

  • Budgeting/savings programs
  • Cash flow/debt management
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Education funding choices
  • Investment assessment/management
  • Wealth preservation/management
  • Retirement solutions/income planning
  • Estate planning

Business Exit Strategies

You built your business with a plan, and by planning your exit strategy you will be taking the necessary steps to help achieve your goals. We can develop a plan that will aid in monetizing or transferring the wealth trapped in your illiquid business in a manner and time period that accommodates your goals.

Whether you intend to sell your business to an outside party or you want to transfer ownership to managers, employees, family or charity, an exit strategy is needed. A proper exit plan will involve:

  • Establishing your exit goals
  • Assessing your personal and mental readiness
  • Identifying your exit type
  • Understanding and choosing your optimal exit strategy
  • Executing your strategy
  • Wealth preservation

Corporate Services

We recognize the burden of designing, maintaining and testing corporate benefit plans. We will assist you with understanding the ever-changing regulatory environments and growing options. We work in conjunction with strategic partners to:

  • Assess company benefit needs
  • Establish and implement 401(k) retirement and benefit plans
  • Review plans and evaluate new options
  • Provide active management of plan assets
  • Facilitate and execute a 10b5-1 plan