Gina Franco-Calderon Bio Photo
Gina Franco-Calderon Registered Relationship Manager

“Anything is possible with hard work, determination and planning.”

Gina joins Nevada Family Wealth with an extensive background in financial services. She started her career at Edward Jones in 2009 as a Branch Office Administrator. Her expertise and hard work were recognized when she was promoted to work for the Northern Nevada regional office in 2017.

Gina is a cosmopolitan person at heart. She was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. At 9 years old, Gina’s family relocated to Miami for 5 years before settling in Spain permanently. She then relocated to Bogota, Colombia to pursue a college education. Gina earned her Bachelor’s Degree in business and finances from Politecnico GranColombiano University in 2000.

While living in Miami as a child, Gina fell in love with America and all it had to offer. While attending college, she made a promise to herself that she would relocate to America once her education was completed. Gina yearned for the opportunity to move to America so that she could create a better future for herself.

Like many immigrants before her, Gina arrived in America with little and through hard work and determination has created an abundant life. She is the embodiment of “American Dream”. Aside from her family, becoming a US citizen is one of her proudest accomplishments. Although it is much different than Miami, she is very happy to call Nevada her home.

Gina approaches each day with the desire to help clients realize their dreams. She fundamentally believes that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and planning.

Gina and her husband, Juan Carlos, love to travel around the world with their daughter, Simone. Above all, she values her family,faith and the ability to live an active lifestyle.