Since its founding in 1987, New England Wealth Advisors has helped individuals lay the solid financial foundation that undergirds the pursuit of their happiness. Also since the beginning, NEWA has helped organizations fulfill their missions by contributing to the financial wellbeing of their employees and meeting fiduciary responsibilities.

So whichever kind of life you’re creating or world you’re building, and wherever you’re at on your financial journey, it’s likely we can leverage our 30 years of experience to help you succeed.

  • Individuals & Families

    NEWA & YOU

    Individualization—figuring out how to apply universal principles to help our clients realize their unique dreams—is what we love most about our work. It keeps us creative, vital, and growing. So you needn’t worry that your aspirations fall outside our area of interest and concern. Quite to the contrary; we can work together on the basis of just 3 compatibility questions:

    1) Does our investment Philosophy resonate with you?

    2) Are you motivated not just to have what you want but to take the steps necessary to help you achieve it?

    3) Does one of the following situations describe your own?

    • You’re wondering when you can retire. You’re looking to turn the wealth you’ve accumulated over the course of your career into a steady, income stream that can support your ideal lifestyle for the rest of your lifetime. You would like help with other aspects of your transition into retirement, such as tax, insurance, and estate planning.
    • You seek confirmation that the financial plan you’re following will get you where you want to go when you want to get there. You desire clarity about how your assets are allocated, how they work together in your portfolio, and how they align with your risk tolerance.
    • You could use help reaching a specific plan milestone (e.g. buying a house) or making an unexpected “detour” (e.g. supporting grandma) in a manner that’s consistent with achieving your long-term goals.
    • You are beginning to think about your financial wellbeing and future. You have money you would like to grow into wealth or put to better use. You could benefit from an education in the multiple areas of financial planning and from help implementing and managing an investment portfolio.

    If your answer to these three compatibility questions is “Yes,” let’s begin charting the course to your brighter future with a complimentary Discovery Meeting.

  • Business & Non-Profits

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  • Endowments & Foundations

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