Tracy Brayton Bio Photo
Tracy Brayton Client Service Associate

Tracy is a recent addition to NGK Family Wealth Advisors. She made the change from teaching middle school English to Client Service Associate. Her skills in dealing with clients in education (middle schoolers and their parents) are directly transferable with providing excellent service for NGK clients.

Prior to joining Raymond James in the summer of 2022, Tracy worked in education as a middle school teacher in Alaska, South Carolina, and Florida teaching English, Journalism, Math, and Reading. She also worked as an editor for education materials, as well as providing online tutoring. She received her Master’s in Education and her Bachelor’s in English from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Tracy was born and raised in Washington state before moving to Alaska when she was 23. She lived in Alaska for 22 years and raised her two kids, Kiana and Eli, there. Once both kids were out of the house, she chose to move somewhere with a more hospitable climate (also known as Florida). She loves living in Seminole and enjoys everything this area has to offer – the beach, concerts, Broadway, and a major airport for her passion of travel.