Marjorie Daly
Marjorie Daly Branch Associate

When she was interviewed for a position at Oak Knoll Financial Strategies in June 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, we had a feeling Marjorie’s hobbies and non-work experiences would be helpful, as well as her attention to business details. This proved to be the case in June 2021 when the branch manager, feeling the need to celebrate the office coming through the worst of COVID-19, suggested we have a safe celebration that included clients and staff. Marjorie’s attention to detail and organizing skills shined, turning the event into a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

She applies that same enthusiasm daily when preparing financial advisors for meetings with clients, providing updates on client accounts. She has a great understanding of our client relationship management software and uses it to its fullest in her pre-meeting prep. Marjorie believes there’s value in our clients knowing that we as a team are prepared for them and that they are a priority to us. 

When asked what attracted her to this job, Marjorie stated, “Honestly, my boss, Steve Francis. It’s extremely hard to find an employer who looks at being a mother as a positive. Oak Knoll works with my schedule and is supportive of my children and their activities and lives. Steve encourages me to keep my priorities straight because the work will always be there tomorrow. Why wouldn’t I work here or take on any new tasks he wants me to try?”

Being flexible and working from the office and remotely, she has juggled moving twice, most recently to Herscher, Illinois. Marjorie (a dancer at heart) still finds time for volunteer work with her church, various fundraisers, and her hobbies of sewing, scrapbooking, decorating, party planning and red wine drinking.