Jordyn Zeng
Jordyn Zeng Administrative Secretary

When Jordyn signed on with Oak Knoll in November 2018, she was the youngest person on our staff. In this world where growing up with technology is helpful, we knew she would be an asset. It wasn’t long until her math skills nudged her away from the reception desk and into being a support person for our financial advisors. She has a great grasp of social media and some helpful IT and phone skills, which are appreciated, along with a bubbly personality.

Currently, Jordyn is in training so she can add additional financial support duties to her daily routine. The more she conversed with clients on the phone and in person, the more she realized that she was patient and comfortable talking with them, so they felt their issues were heard. She is aware this will help her meet her goal of someday becoming a financial advisor.

Having grown up in the Wilmington area, Jordyn knows where to find a good cup of coffee and a nice glass of wine. She relaxes after work by indulging in her obsession with planners and paper crafts. She has recently become more passionate about cooking and baking. In her off time, she chills with her husband, Sam, and their dogs, Izzy and Bailey. On her bucket list … visiting national parks.