Mark Law Financial Advisor

Mark Law has enjoyed 24 years in the financial services industry by adhering to two simple truths. The first is simply to apply the Golden Rule in dealing with your clients. The second is a quote from Ben Edwards, former CEO of A.G. Edwards - “Always treat your client’s account as if it were your mother’s account.” Mark began his career with Shearson Lehman. After a series of mergers and name changes, he moved to A. G. Edwards. 15 happy years later, A.G. Edwards was acquired by Wachovia. Wells Fargo purchased Wachovia in 2008. Mark is pleased to have associated with Raymond James and the firms long standing client centered traditions.

Before becoming a wealth manager Mark graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Arts, followed by a Bachelor of Science degree from Utah State University. Utilizing his Geology degree, he worked for 5 years in the oil & gas industry. While consulting with his Shearson Lehman broker in 1986, she urged him to join the firm as a broker.

Being active in the local community has always been a passion for Mark. He was a board member of the Salt Lake City Contemporary Art Center, was a tutor and art instructors at Oakridge Elementary, and coached soccer and baseball in the neighborhood leagues. Additionally, Mark voluntarily umpired for a season in the Little League for Olympus Cove and says that was the toughest job he ever worked. Mark has also been an active member in a local business and community action group from its inception, the Referral Exchange Group.

Mark, his wife Jodi, and their two sons have an active outdoor lifestyle. As a family, they participate in skiing, camping, golf, river running, fly fishing, and biking. They are also passionate about serving the community. They support a group of local charities including The Utah Food Bank, The National Ability Center, and Primary Children’s Hospital. Their latest passion is participating in outdoor activities with the disabled. As a family they look to the adage “ Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

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