Open Enrollment | February 7-23, 2022

As a professional services company, Raymond James’ success is driven by people … by you. We want to support your financial and physical health, helping you minimize costs and maximize wellness, so you can live your

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Four things to prepare before February 7

  1. Review benefits options. Check out the benefits overview page. For a comprehensive look at benefits provided by Raymond James, you can review the benefits guide PDF.
  2. Account for how your health and lifestyle may impact your choices. For assistance with selecting the best medical plan, you can call our free Health Advocate (866.695.8622) service or use the Decision Assist Tool
  3. Research savings account options. When you enroll in a medical plan you will be automatically enrolled in a health savings account (HSA). You can set aside pre-tax dollars to use for qualified medical expenses. If you are ineligible for an HSA, you will be able to elect a healthcare flexible spending account (FSA). Visit the HSA contribution eligibility page to learn more.
  4. Interact with providers. Visit the virtual benefit fair for an interactive way to learn more about what each benefit provider offers. 

Our plans are driven by two principles: giving you more control of your healthcare and supporting you with an overall focus on wellness. Use the enrollment checklists as a guide and familiarize yourself with the benefits overview to help to complete your enrollment session with ease.

A preview of new and enhanced benefits

We believe it’s our responsibility to offer benefits that align with what’s important to you, and we’ll continue to take your feedback into account as we evaluate our benefits.

New and enhanced benefits this year include:

  • As of October 1, 2021, short-term disability for any approved medical leave will be paid at 100%, regardless of your length of service.
  • Starting January 1, 2022, healthcare benefits will also include applied behavior analysis to support developmental disabilities associated with autism and infertility benefits to support associates struggling to start families.
  • A hospital indemnity plan to further protect your income in the event of a hospital visit.
  • The AD&D benefit limit will increase from $500,000 to $750,000, and no evidence of insurability is required.
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