Open Enrollment | February 7-23, 2022

Enrollment Checklists

All associates working at least 25 hours a week are eligible to enroll.

Four things to prepare before February 7

  1. Review benefits options. Check out the benefits overview page. For a comprehensive look at benefits provided by Raymond James, you can review the benefits guide PDF.
  2. Account for how your health and lifestyle may impact your choices. For assistance with selecting the best medical plan, you can call our free Health Advocate (866.695.8622) service or use the Decision Assist Tool
  3. Research savings account options. When you enroll in a medical plan you will be automatically enrolled in a health savings account (HSA). You can set aside pre-tax dollars to use for qualified medical expenses. If you are ineligible for an HSA, you will be able to elect a healthcare flexible spending account (FSA). Visit the HSA contribution eligibility page to learn more.
  4. Interact with providers. Visit the virtual benefit fair for an interactive way to learn more about what each benefit provider offers. 

Three things to complete from February 7 – February 23.   

  1. Log on to PeopleWorks to review current elections and submit benefit elections for the next plan year. You won't want to miss the new benefit offerings of the hospital indemnity plan and increased AD&D benefit coverage.
  2. Confirm and update any dependent and beneficiary information.
  3. Once complete, check your email for your benefits confirmation statement. Ensure all details are accurate, and print and save the statement. Remember, the coverage you choose is binding for the plan year, unless you have a qualifying event. If you find an error, you can edit your elections up until February 23.