Open Enrollment | February 7-23, 2022

Get a Wellness Screening

Supporting you with an overall focus on wellness: know your numbers

Knowing your health numbers is the first step in defining a wellness journey that meets your individual needs. It also helps to reduce the risk for disease and the associated costs.   

What is a wellness screening?

A voluntary screening offered to Raymond James associates that measures height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. Screenings must be completed before April 30, 2022. Any forms, appointments or samples returned to Quest after April 30, 2022, will not be eligible for an incentive. 

New touchless screening option

At-home testing kit

  • You can order an at-home testing kit to complete your screening from the comfort of your home.
  • See instructions for ordering your kit and returning the sample on RJnet.
  • Due to state regulations, associates living in New York are not eligible for the at-home testing kit option.

Other available screening options

Company-sponsored screening events

  • On-site screening events at corporate locations will be limited and will not be offered at branches.
  • See the corporate-sponsored event schedule and instructions for registering on RJnet.

Your doctor’s office

  • Use a physical from your own doctor (completed since April 1, 2021)
  • Physician results forms must be submitted by April 30, 2022.
  • See instructions for accessing and submitting forms on RJnet.

Quest Diagnostics

  • Schedule and visit one of the thousands of Quest Diagnostic centers across U.S.
  • See instructions for locating a lab and scheduling an appointment on RJnet.

Trouble registering?

If you are unable to register online or need to cancel or change an appointment, please call 1.844.350.4779.

Wellness screening incentive


Raymond James will contribute an additional incentive for eligible associates who complete a voluntary wellness screening by April 30, 2022. The employer contribution will be divided and paid out to associates on a per pay period basis. The employer contribution will begin being deposited to associates’ HSA or HRA accounts starting April 15, 2022. The wellness screening incentive contribution amount will be deposited in a lump sum separately, in August.  


2022 Raymond James Employer Contributions

Automatic Raymond James contribution  Additional wellness screening incentive Total contribution amount
 Single: $250
Family: $750
Single: $250
Family: $250
Single: $500
Family: $1,000
  • Associates must be enrolled in a medical plan to qualify for an employer contribution.
  • Consistent with prior years, associates who make at or above $300,000 (as of December 31, 2021) are not eligible for the Raymond James employer contribution or wellness screening incentive. 

Raymond James partnered with Marathon Health, our onsite clinic, to better serve our associates and their overall health and wellness. Marathon Health will receive the results of the associate wellness screenings to create custom wellness programs and initiatives to help our associates reach their health goals. Marathon Health will keep these results confidential, and, as always, Raymond James will not receive or have access to individual results.