Open Enrollment | February 7-23, 2022

Qualifying Events to Change Coverage

Making a change takes a qualifying event

You cannot make changes to your coverage during the plan year unless you have a qualified family status change, such as:

  • Marriage, legal separation, divorce or termination of a domestic partnership
  • Birth, legal adoption of a child or placement of a child with you for legal adoption
  • Death of your spouse, domestic partner or dependent child
  • Loss or gain of other coverage

If you experience a family status change, you have 31 days from the qualifying event date to submit the Family Status Change Form available on RJnet along with the required documentation to the Health and Wellness Services department.

If you do not report your family status change within 31 days, you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period or until you experience another qualified status change to make changes to your benefits. Raymond James must comply with this IRS guideline to maintain our pretax status for qualified benefit plan deductions for all of our associates.

Your changes will be effective as of the qualifying event date.

Please note: If you are enrolled in the medical plan, you can only make changes to your coverage level; you cannot switch plans.



Health and Wellness Services Department

Call 727.567.5515, option 6