• Milvian Rosado

    Client Services Coordinator

Milvian Rosado is our Client Services Coordinator and Administrative Assistant to Jessica A. Thompson & Crockett Bohannon. Her primary goals are maintaining our client relationships so they are pleased with our services, efficiently managing the administrative needs of our office and staff, as well as being reliable to our Financial Advisors, as we work together focusing on our client’s needs. One of her skills is that she is fully bilingual, in both Spanish and English.

Milvian has over 20 years’ experience in banking, financial services and customer service industries. This gives her the expertise in building client confidence to better fulfill all their needs.

During her years in the banking industry as a sales and customer service leader, she always meets and exceeds expectations of her clients and superiors. Her main goal is to not only to provide clients with excellence, but also work hand in hand with the Financial Advisors in helping our clients achieve their financial goals. She enjoys serving, listening and talking to people.

Milvian is an active church member and enjoys volunteering in church activities for the community. She also likes to spend time with her husband Joey, two daughters Joslian and Nerely, son in law Sammy, and especially with her grandchildren King and Khloe. Being that they are young and filled with energy, serves as motivation for Milvian. They enjoy visiting Disney Parks together, watching movies, going shopping, and just creating beautiful memories.

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