A personalized approach to managing wealth

We are unlike most financial professionals.

Many financial professionals settle for a static investment approach that utilizes third-party management (managing managers) and is designed to own everything, all the time. This is a commonly accepted practice that drives mediocracy, increasing fees, and reducing transparency.

We do not. We directly manage the assets for the generations of families who have entrusted us. We believe in a direct, disciplined, investment process in which we own the individual stocks and bonds of great companies and review each position every day. This process ensures we know exactly what we own, why we own it, and that we are delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

Comprehensive Planning

There’s more to your financial life than just investments. Comprehensive planning encompasses an in-depth review and analysis of all aspects of your financial life – to help you see the big picture and enable us to personalize a plan for addressing every detail.

The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.
Benjamin Graham