Sharing moments and memories

Our families have a special place in our heart, so we made sure they have a special place on our website as well. It’s here that we share moments and memories with you and all of our clients – whom we have come to regard as one big extended family.

At Patrick Financial Group, our team goes beyond the conventions of the advisor-client relationship to surprise and delight and surpass expectations. We see our clients as our friends and truly care about their ambitions. They appreciate the high level of personal service we provide.

We help them make and manage major financial decisions beyond just investments, such as buying a house or a car. They always know they have a specific person to talk to and that our entire group is very responsive to their needs, requests and questions.

Our clients also appreciate the sense of comfort that comes with knowing they have a well-designed plan for pursuing their financial goals. We strive to instill a confidence and fortified trust that, with our guidance, they can weather the unexpected and do so with the freedom to live the life they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Our Value Commitment

At Patrick Financial Group, we believe we can empower you to achieve your goals with financial confidence. We coordinate and oversee the financial affairs of a select group of families and businesses in the Atlanta area. Through our carefully orchestrated financial planning process, our advisors work together with our clients to customize a financial blueprint that will help build the foundation they need to live the lifestyle they want, both now and in the future.

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