A process and plan for
pursuing your goals

As with every important endeavor in life, having a plan is the best way to begin. We have a well-defined financial advisory process in place for customizing a financial plan precisely for you.

We employ a thorough and robust process to learn everything we can about you and your goals. It includes identifying and entering your goals into our proprietary software model to assess appropriate asset allocation targets and spending or savings rates. We then share the results with you to help align financial decisions with your unique vision of retirement and other highly personalized goals.

We attempt to encompass every aspect of your financial life, from addressing your employee benefits to funding your children’s college education. In today’s busy and changing world, knowing that your financial life is in order can serve as a great sense of relief.

Our Financial Advisory Process

Here are the six basic steps that comprise our financial blueprint process, which may be altered to fit your individual preferences or needs.

We give you an overview of our entire financial planning process, address any of your issues or concerns, document the services we provide, agree on how decisions will be made, and discuss our fee structure and compensation. By covering expectations, the details of our relationship and compensation upfront, we lay the foundation for a good working relationship.

We work to define your personal and financial needs, priorities and goals, and determine your timeframe, then gain an understanding of your values, expectations and feelings about financial risk. We allow you to be as hands-on as you like and use resources such as CashEdge and mint.com to aid in this process. We also collaborate with your other professional advisors such as your CPA, tax advisor, attorney, insurance agent, mortgage lender and banker to help ensure your financial plan is fully integrated with all aspects of your daily finances.

We analyze and organize the data we gather into your defined goals and priorities, look at possible solutions to challenging areas and identify strategies to capitalize on opportunities. The analysis done in this step is especially valuable, as it helps confirm the quality of the data and information we previously gathered and the care we took to understand your values, needs, goals, priorities and expectations.

We develop the first draft of your financial blueprint and review it with you to identify areas where additional details are required and work with you to fill in the gaps, listening to your concerns designed to make the needed revisions. We strategize on how to meet your defined goals, and formulate specific recommendations to help you attain them. We then deliver your final financial blueprint in a personal financial organizer, along with a detailed action plan that outlines the individual steps we recommend to make your plan a reality. Your financial blueprint is written in language that is clear to you and is what you expected.

We adopt your final financial blueprint as the platform to pursue your goals, then use the action plan derived from your planning recommendations and organized by your priorities. We then implement your financial blueprint, through portfolio management and other services we provide, and through collaboration with your other financial professionals as needed. By having one cohesive planning strategy, you no longer will have to make isolated financial decisions. You can enjoy the confidence of knowing your blueprint is in motion and that there is a comprehensive plan in place for pursuing your goals.

Careful monitoring helps ensure that nothing is overlooked and allows us to amend and adapt your plan as your life changes. We will meet with you at each milestone of your life or at any point where changes in the current tax laws, economic conditions, your personal or financial status, or any other events require new considerations or changes to our recommendations. Of course, we will keep you informed between regularly scheduled portfolio review meetings as necessary and make adjustments to assets under management as warranted.

Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss. Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Your First Year With Us

During our first year, we work intensively with you to ensure that the recommendations we created in your financial blueprint are fully implemented and that the progress is actively monitored. Our follow-up meetings and reviews are frequent the first year to allow us to consult with you and make any necessary adjustments as quickly as possible.

First Year Client Roadmap

Financial Blueprint Review and Initial Investment Allocation

At this stage, we will present you with our initial recommendations for your investment portfolio. We will identify the other areas of your Action Plan that we can help you complete by the products and services we provide: life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, education savings accounts, and investment allocations for employer-sponsored retirement plans or other assets.

Orientation Meeting

Approximately 30 days after your initial allocation, we will invite you to meet to go over your new Raymond James statements, ensure you are comfortable logging in to the Investor Access system to view your accounts, and discuss our next steps for your Action Plan and Financial Blueprint implementation.

Investment Review Meeting

Approximately 6-12 months into our relationship, we will contact you to schedule your first regular review meeting wherein we will review your investment portfolios, monitor your progress on the financial blueprint implementation, and rebalance the portfolio if necessary.

Between Meetings

  • 24/7 Online Access including a Dashboard of your Financial Blueprint
  • Monthly brokerage statements from Raymond James
  • Meetings, emails, and calls at your request and as warranted by your needs
  • Our proactive communication and portfolio reviews at regular intervals