FINANCIAL PLANNING from an experienced perspective

Comprehensive financial planning is a term you may often hear. Lest you dismiss it as a catchphrase or cliché, consider this. It can offer profound benefits to you by taking a holistic look at your life and integrating all of your personal and financial matters.

A comprehensive financial plan can provide a cohesive course of action for pursuing your goals, preserving your wealth, funding your retirement and building your legacy.

Philip Blumel is a Certified Financial Planner professional who has been providing comprehensive financial planning for more than 25 years. But he doesn’t do it alone. Working with the knowledgeable professionals of Raymond James, you’ll have a full team behind you, plus the personal guidance of an experienced advisor who knows you – and all you’re striving to achieve.

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My aim is to be your primary financial advisor, taking an educated bird’s-eye view and working closely with your accountant and attorney.

Philip Blumel, MBA, CFP®, Senior Vice President, Investments