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2020 Presidential Election Goes into Overtime

Written by Peck Bulgin Wealth Management of Raymond James

We continue to play the waiting game when it comes to the presidential election. However, the markets seem to have taken much of the uncertainty in stride, signaling cautious optimism and posting the strongest start to an election week since 1928. The S&P 500 is up over 6% through Thursday, and the swell carried all 11 sectors into positive territory, led by healthcare, information technology, communication services and consumer discretionary.

While the presidential outcome is making headlines, eyes remain on the Senate races, as well, because two key seats may not be decided until a January runoff in Georgia. Certainty about the political makeup of Congress and the White House may not be within reach quite yet, but we do know that both major parties have indicated that further fiscal stimulus is a priority and remains on the table.

Recent economic data reports, including the October employment report, suggest a possible further rebound in activity, although the pace of improvement had moderated, and we are still well below pre-pandemic levels. The economic outlook for 2021 depends on the course of the coronavirus, the efforts to contain it, and the amount of government support. The Federal Reserve, as expected, indicated that it has little to no intention to raise short-term interest rates through at least 2023. The rise in COVID-19 cases and the related economic slowdown are the main drivers behind its decision. Plus, the Fed has other tools in its arsenal to spur further economic activity as needed. Its accommodative monetary policy should continue to support both economic growth and risk assets, as well as keep Treasury yields contained.

For months now, most experts had warned of volatility leading up to and around the election, so the highs and lows perhaps aren’t quite as surprising as the razor-thin margins and extended vote counting. The truth is every election season brings market turbulence – no matter which party is in the lead – and while this year is unusual in many ways, that part isn’t.

Keep in mind, too, that the economy and equity markets are generally apolitical. Both often perform well no matter which party dominates in D.C. As we’ve said before, time is on the side of patient investors. And it’s our belief that those who remain true to their financial plan will emerge the real winners.

Of course, we’ll continue to monitor the results and be available to answer any questions you have about how to best position your portfolio for the years ahead. Wishing you and yours well!

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