Christian Allen
Christian Allen, CFP® Financial Advisor

Chris Allen has always been one to welcome a challenge. He began his career working at a bank during a banking crisis, and lending to the auto industry during an auto crisis. The experience has definitely sharpened his skills. Having successfully bridged his corporate clients to better economic conditions, he transitioned into wealth management to pursue the same objectives for his individual clients.

With over a decade of experience, Chris has dealt with complex transactions involving all aspects of the capital structure. He brings the same thoughtful client-focused approach to personal financial planning and portfolio construction at Peninsula Private Wealth. Chris navigates the investment process with clarity and accountability by thoughtfully analyzing personal goals to develop relevant direction for financial objectives. His lending background provides him the ability to advise clients on both sides of the balance sheet. Chris is a graduate of Denison University, where he studied economics and history, and is a former collegiate golfer. Since college, he has excelled at his two favorite hobbies, golf and racquet sports.

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