John Schindler
John Schindler, CRPS Managing Director, Wealth Management Private Wealth Advisor

John is a respected managing director who is passionate and committed to his clients’ financial planning needs and goals. With a hands-on approach, John is able to help manage the financial concerns of his clients at each stage of their life. His dedication to managing the financial concerns of those with high net worth has earned him the Private Wealth Advisor designation from Raymond James.

As Peninsula Private Wealth’s Managing Director, John oversees a diverse team of dedicated professionals. He and his team manage more than one billion dollars in multigenerational assets. He is personally involved in managing ultra-high-net-worth clients, including helping middle-market business owners define the quantifiable value-adds of their businesses. From rebalancing to recessions, John emphasizes service and embraces every complex challenge, such as managing investment strategies to allow clients to pursue their financial vision.

John believes that the best plans are built from the ground up, beginning with the objectives and goals of each client. He strives to be a good listener and strategic thinker. His emphasis on putting clients first allows him to design strategies that help clients pursue their goals. Above all else, he values honesty and trust. John has often said, “People hire me to tell them the truth,” and that’s exactly what he aspires to do. This fundamental trait allows him to critically weigh his client’s best options and help identify any “blind spots” before they can take hold.

When not working, John and his wife, Shaine, enjoy mountain biking, skiing, traveling and numerous other activities with their three children. They also support various local children’s charities. They reside in Lake Angeles, Michigan.

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