If you are reading this you are most likely looking for someone else to manage your money, whether you have tried this yourself or have an existing money manager, you probably feel you could be doing better. Or you are just not happy with statements half-inch thick because you own too many positions. We tend to not rely on others to manage money; after the debacle in 2008, entrusting our own portfolios or our clients’ to someone else is not an option. We eschew Modern Portfolio Theory and the need for standard asset allocation; a portfolio is about smart positions in strong asset classes.

Many people prefer to live with the simple 4% solution, that being you spend 4% of your liquid net worth no matter where it comes from. Having a clear picture of your total assets, those held at Raymond James and those held outside, provides you the knowledge of where the liquidity can come from. We can accomplish this by using our Goal Planning & Monitoring tool or through our Raymond James Investor Access site.

As a Certified Financial PlannerTM we provide comprehensive financial advice to all our clients whether it be wealth management, insurance, estate planning, tax planning, budgeting, saving for college, or saving for retirement. Together we will construct your portfolio in line with the strategy agreed upon to choose the individual positions appropriate for your portfolio. We will explain to you why we have picked each position and why we are not considering others and why some may be waiting for an entrance. If you feel it is of value for you to understand more fully, we would be happy to explain our strategy further to you personally.

  • Business Owners

    As a business owner, you’ve built something you care about – and you want to see it last. We understand. We’re well-versed in the challenges and opportunities before you. You represent one of the most important segments of the high-net-worth market and, along with this, you face critical areas to navigate: Business structure, business valuation, liquidity, asset protection and, when the time comes, business transition. As your financial guide, no matter where you are in the life cycle of your business, we can help you manage these details.


  • Corporate Executives

    Between the demands of leading your company and the complex nature of your personal finances, it’s only natural to want to ensure your assets are in order and working as hard as you do. We understand the challenges you face, such as finding solutions for concentrated stock positions and strategies to protect your family and your legacy.


  • Families & Individuals

    We have had the privilege of guiding generations of clients, applying discretion and a consultative approach to managing the complexities that accompany wealth. Our offerings reflect the distinct needs of the families we serve, including coordination with other professional advisors such as CPAs and attorneys to ensure our service is in harmony with all aspects of your life.


  • Healthcare Professionals

    As a healthcare professional, you’ll need personal and professional financial guidance as you build and grow your career. You’ve worked hard to care for others, as have we. We understand your unique needs to protect against liabilities and other risks; preserve your assets from excessive taxes; mitigate the effects of healthcare cutbacks; manage education debt and, finally, achieve financial independence.


  • Retirees

    With retirees living longer, more active lives, it’s essential for your retirement plan to work for you, helping you enjoy the life you’ve envisioned while also mitigating risk that could make your nest egg vulnerable. We help pre-retirees and retirees overcome the challenges of such a profound lifestyle change.


  • Sudden Wealth

    Receiving a substantial sum of money presents opportunities, but also challenges. This contradiction extends to the emotions you may feel after a windfall, whether through inheritance, the sale of a business, lottery, divorce or a legal settlement. That’s why it’s important not to rush into anything. As your experienced guide, we give you the time needed to acclimate to your new situation and face crucial decisions with clarity of mind.


  • Women Investors

    We realize women are a unique segmentation and often have complex financial needs and situations, such as time away from careers to care for family or aging parents, the likelihood of marrying later in life or finding yourself suddenly single from a divorce. Women have longer life spans leading many of you to take on additional financial responsibilities in the later stages of your life. We take the time to understand your personal investment goals and priorities.


*The projections or other information generated by Goal Planning & Monitoring regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results.

As federal and state tax rules are subject to frequent changes, you should consult with a qualified tax advisor prior to making any investment decision.

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, Certified Financial Planner™, CFP® (with plaque design) and CFP® (with flame design) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements.