• Georgios Livanos

    Managing Partner, Phoenix Wealth Advisors

    Financial Advisor, RJFS

My maternal grandfather came to America through Ellis Island over one hundred years ago. He took a calculated risk to cross sea & ocean for a better opportunity. Through hard work and perseverance, he made the American dream & ideal come to fruition. Not only did he do this for himself, he did it for his children and grandchildren. In fact, my father and mother did the same over sixty years ago. Their journeys and efforts, as well as those of many others who have helped bring me where I am today, are never forgotten.

I continue the family tradition as fiduciary steward of many things, namely my clients' financial and investment matters. There are several important components to what I do, however none more important than the elements of care and advocacy.

When not occupied with my fiduciary and financial advisor duties, I enjoy yoga with my wife, bicycling on rural country roads, drumming in a band, hiking with my son, and listening to the wonderful things my daughter has to share.