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The timely information and expert market commentary we’ve assembled is designed to give you new insight into the ever-evolving financial marketplace and help build the confidence that comes from being a knowledgeable investor.


Financial Journeys
This four-page publication tackles various financial planning issues, with a focus on retirement planning. Updated quarterly (February, May, August, November).

Weekly Market Snapshot
Valuable market information, including a snapshot of the markets and a short commentary from Chief Economist Scott J. Brown, Ph.D. Updated every Friday.

Freedom Focus
Freedom Focus is filled with informative articles covering a range of topics. It is produced on a semi-annual basis and published by Asset Management Services.

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Personal Finance


Market Commentary

Investment strategy by Chief Investment Strategist Jeffrey Saut
Weekly investment strategies and commentaries

Economic commentary by Chief Economist Scott J. Brown, Ph.D.
Weekly perspectives on economic trends and conditions

Bond market update
Weekly assessment of fixed-income investment market conditions