We take a thorough and orderly approach to serving your financial needs.

We invest a considerable amount of time and energy in every client relationship. Below, you’ll find a series of checklists that highlight the tasks we undertake and key points we emphasize in managing our professional client relationships.

Initial Approach

We first review each new client opportunity by using our three-step A.C.E. process:
– We assess your current financial situation by listening to you and understanding your priorities.
2. CREATE – We determine if we can create and deliver incremental value (otherwise, we are simply wasting everyone’s time).
3. ENGAGE – If you are comfortable with us and we both agree we can create incremental value, we welcome the opportunity to fully engage in delivering the quality experience you desire and deserve.

Account Structure

- Customized to deliver convenience and simplicity
- Access to personal banking and trust services
- New statement review
- Assistance with online banking

Wealth Organizer

- Helps ensure that we address every aspect of your financial life
- Click here for an in-depth look

Service Protocol

- Confirm communication preferences via phone and email
- Access to our online newsletters
- Individual research reports

Investment Protocol

- Confirm objectives for income and growth
- Confirm tolerance for risk and volatility
- Design and implement strategic asset allocation
- Monitor and rebalance as needed

Performance Reviews

- Performance reviews mailed quarterly
- Performance review meetings scheduled twice a year
- Provide second opinion on your outside accounts

Life Planning Reviews

- Planning review scheduled annually
- Coordinate planning with corporate benefit offering

Milestone Planning

- Household budget planning
- Retirement income planning
- Career transition assistance
- Mergers and acquisitions advisory services
- Estate planning and philanthropic planning
- Survivor assistance services

Additional Benefits

- Facilitate introductions to other professional advisors
- Facilitate introductions to nonfinancial service providers
- Assist with financial education for family members
- Facilitate meetings with client’s board of directors