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Are the market
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taking too much out of you?

Markets go up. Markets go down. It's a fact of life. There are market corrections, bear markets, recessions, depressions and global events. So how do you protect yourself and your family? Is there an answer? While we can't stop the market from doing what it does, we can play a significant role in helping you preserve what you've worked so hard to save.


Are you doing anything different since the last market downturn?

A famed economist once said, “The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.” We couldn't agree more. Market downturns may be unnerving, but they are also inevitable. There have been 128 corrections of 10% or more since 1900. During the same time period, 33 bear markets occurred. On average, bear markets occur every 3.5 years, lose an average of 38% and take an average of two years to recoup losses. Today, there remains a high probability that we will eventually endure another bear market. While we do not believe you necessarily have to suffer, the question remains: Are you doing anything different since the last market downturn?

* Source: USA Today, August 24, 2015: Ned Davis Research November 2015. Past performance does not guarantee future results.


Participate, Adapt, Preserve

We believe in a tactical and defensive investment process designed to mitigate losses during extended market downturns. Why? Because we believe the ability to avoid extreme losses provides the best opportunity for our clients to achieve long-term success. We created the Market Adaptive methodology to provide an alternative to what we believe are real deficiencies in traditional investment methods and to help mitigate market extremes. You can find assurance in knowing you have a financial team keenly keeping watch over your investments and giving you the freedom to move forward with confidence.