Our investment strategy
simply stated:
Participate, Adapt, Preserve

We don't believe anyone truly has the ability to accurately predict the markets or the economy. Nor do we accept the Financial Industry’s view that extreme market corrections are merely inevitable but rather, we believe the ability to avoid extreme losses provides our clients the best opportunity to achieve long-term investment success.

History has proven that “Bear Markets” are an all too common reality. For those nearing or in retirement or who rely on systematic distributions, it’s not simply a question of how much your investments go up or down, but also, when these fluctuations occur. As we get older, our time horizon shortens and it becomes more difficult to weather market downturns.

Market Adaptive is our proprietary Investment Process. It is an Asset Allocation based investment solution designed to limit extreme investment losses during extended market corrections, and It provides an alternative to what we believe are real deficiencies in traditional investment models. We consider this method vital to our Clients' success and the foundation for our Purpose Driven Process