We're different not only by design, but by choice

Most financial advisors subscribe to the modern portfolio theory that insists you should be fully invested in the markets at all times. To be clear, we do not subscribe to that theory, nor do we put much faith in a “buy, hold and hope” strategy. Our goal is simple: We aim to generate long-term positive investment returns for our clients by trying to mitigate loss during extreme market corrections. We believe in having an exit strategy: When good markets go bad, we manage risk with defensive solutions. We aren't trying to recklessly outperform the market, but rather go into a defensive mode when the market threatens to retreat.

Our Market Adaptive Core Defense Model

Tired of seeing how a traditional buy-and-hold strategy left investors overly exposed to market corrections, we were determined to pioneer another investment approach. It's why we created our Market Adaptive Core Defense Model, a proprietary investment methodology designed to provide positive investment performance while limiting losses during extended market downturns.

The Market Adaptive Core Defense Model is a financial strategy, not a financial product. It offers disciplined and nonemotional guidance through the use of a proprietary suite of data signals designed to help identify both positive and negative market trends. Using this process, we seek to avoid markets sectors that could potentially experience above-average losses.

Please keep in mind that investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.

Personalized investment portfolios

We specialize in customizing investment portfolios to the specific goals and investment needs of each client. The investments we select for your portfolio will be individually weighted to help ensure the best fit for your life.

A wealth of financial planning experience

Randy Koontz and Scott Shepherd have more than 50 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. As Wealth Management Specialists, their areas of expertise include investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax mitigation strategies, risk management and business planning.

A full range of services beyond just investment management

We are well-equipped with the knowledge and services to address the financial priorities in your life – from managing and preserving your wealth, to leaving a legacy for your loved ones.