A Checklist for Traveling with Grandchildren


A Checklist for Traveling with Grandchildren

Some key points to help you travel successfully with your grandchildren.

November 18, 2014

Here are some key points to help you travel successfully with your grandchildren:


  • Notarized letter from parents giving permission for travel and medical care
  • Insurance cards, prescriptions, as needed
  • Passports, as needed
  • A copy of your itinerary for the child’s parents


  • Check out relevant child safety system regulations.
  • If using a rental vehicle, check whether your rental agency provides child safety seats (for example, Hertz gives AAA members free use of such seats).
  • Accompany the children when they visit public restrooms.


  • Keep activities age- and attention-span appropriate.
  • Especially if children are seldom away from their parents, bring along some favorite toys, books or games.
  • Keep meal, rest and sleep times in line with the child’s regular routine.
  • Intersperse intensive activities (such as a full day at a theme park) with more leisurely activities, such as a day at the beach or a visit to a nature preserve.
  • Tell your grandchildren up front what behavior standards you expect.
  • Be flexible, try thinking like a child, and let relationships develop through the fun.

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