• Keri Powell

    Client Communications Associate

Keri recently joined the office after nineteen years as a teacher in Oklahoma County. She has a Master's degree in Education Administration.  Her responsibilities include:

General Office Duties:

  • Monthly newsletter mailings and emails
  • Assist with monthly billing (type letters & invoices)
  • Scheduling meetings


  • Employee Handbook – review and update semi-annually regularly. Policy changes are made as needed.
  • Policies and Procedures Manual – review and update semi-annually to make sure any necessary changes are made
  • Code of Ethics Manual – review and update regularly. Changes are made as needed
  • Anti-Money Laundering Review – done annually with staff
  • Ad Review Submittal and File Upkeep
  • Contingency Planning/Disaster Recovery Policies and Procedures- reviewed on a regular basis and any necessary changes are made. Review with staff annually.


  • Order all computers for office
  • Order all office equipment
  • Perform monthly check up on all office computers
  • Work with personal service center personnel or outside technician with technology problems


  • The monitoring and implementation of all internal systems
  • Client services - communicates with current clients to coordinate the transfer of assets, change of address requests, answering questions, helping with paperwork, or any account requests the client may have
  • Communicates with prospective clients to coordinate the transfer of assets, answering any questions the prospective client has in regards to the transfer of assets
  • Processes incoming correspondence from clients, making copies of this correspondence for client file and compliance file
  • Completes and processes all mutual fund switch letters
  • Overall Problem Resolution- statement questions, cost basis information, sets up client for online investor access, account linking so that client can view all accounts online and receive all account statements together in a single mailing.