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Steven R Dangel Financial Advisor

Having been in the financial services industry for more than 42 years, Steve has experienced a full range of market conditions and economic environments – bear markets, bull markets, and fluctuating interest and inflation rates. This accrued knowledge has helped shape Steve’s wealth management approach of preserving capital and prudently managing risk.

Being interested in capital preservation, however, doesn’t mean staying away from the stock market. “I believe in the market, but my orientation there is still conservative.” He points out that during major market sell-offs, he has generally advised suitable clients not to sell as things are bottoming out. “I tell my clients, where appropriate, that the companies they are invested in are probably not about to disappear.”

Steve says that his own patience is crucial to the way he works with clients. “It allows me to be an effective and thoughtful listener. I probably spend more time listening than I do talking.” He also describes his approach as educational. “I like to help people get past the hype they hear on entertainment news programs and elsewhere.”

Steve earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ferris State University and an MBA from Central Michigan University. He continues his ongoing education by attending due diligence meetings and continuing education programs centered on asset management, alternative investments, and investment strategies. Steve recently earned certification from the Raymond James Institute of Investment Management Consulting. He lives in Norton Shores with his wife, Darleen.