Fixed income analysis

Fixed income securities – particularly municipal bonds – have traditionally been a significant foundation for investment portfolios. Ironically, very few firms provide the research necessary to help advisors make informed fixed income investment decisions on behalf of their clients.

Raymond James is one of the few firms that conducts this type of research, focusing on the volatility and maturities of bonds, the outlook for interest rates, credit fundamentals and the performance attributes of our bond recommendations. Our analysts cover a broad range of municipal bonds, including healthcare, housing, public power, school district, student loan, transportation and escrowed bonds. They’ll provide you with timely information on the general economy, plus electronic access to other sales support resources, including:

  • Extensive online real-time and executable inventories of both taxable and municipal bonds (from our own internal inventory, as well as other industry market makers)
  • Portfolio evaluations upon request
  • Customized laddered bond portfolio proposals
  • Check-a-month portfolio proposals
  • Economic forecasts and interest rate monitoring services