Our Heritage is Here

Like you, our teams understand what's so special about where we live and work. That's why we do all we can to see our communities thrive – honoring our shared past by actively volunteering and guiding the future by dedicating ourselves to growing and protecting wealth for generations to come. With more than a century of combined history here, we've gained invaluable insight into the hearts and minds of our neighbors and clients. We invite you to learn a little more about us and our families. Together, we can help build a bright and lasting future for you and yours.

Eugene "Gene" M. Langley Jr. bio image

In memoriam

Eugene "Gene" M. Langley Jr.

Founder, Resource Management Associates 
October 12, 1938 - January 11, 2016


The Langley Group is a family affair. Founded by Gene Langley, it is now run by his daughter, Susanna, Financial Advisor. For more than 40 years the Langley Group has been helping successive generations of clients gain knowledge and confidence about their financial future.


As partners in a family-run business, Parker and sons, Tripp and Arturo, make it their mission to put clients first by educating them about important financial planning considerations, helping them establish realistic investment plans, then measuring their success.

The Lumpkin Group of RMA team photo


The Wheless Group of Resource Management Associates strives to manage clients' wealth in an honest and prudent manner. They do so by gathering information through an in-depth discovery process, communicating openly and honestly, implementing an appropriate investment plan and offering superior service. For them, a job done well is marked by helping clients achieve their financial goals, while building long-lasting relationships.

Jim's long career as a financial advisor has mirrored his own life. The first 20 years were spent in an effort to help his clients accumulate and grow their wealth. Now that he is semiretired, he has become a retirement specialist, using himself as a model to help others with retirement income planning.

The Langley Group, The Wheless Group, The Lumpkin Group and Resource Management Associaties are all independent of Raymond James.